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Articles & Downloads

I'd like to make a request up front, if I could. If you want to have a link to these articles, please, feel free to do so. However, please link to this site and don't move copies of the articles to your own websites. I would prefer that you link them directly to this page, so that they can not only find the article you're pointing them to, they can also look around at the other things I have to offer.

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Weights Article

Probably my biggest claim to fame in the Shadowrun online fan community is an article I first wrote ten or eleven years ago, when the game first came out, addressing the wonky official weights given to the five PC races. As the years went by, the article got revised as new editions of the game came out, and new gear that could affect a character's weight was added to the game.

The article first saw the light of day in The Shadowrun Supplemental #9, and has been well received. When Man & Machine came out, I did another big revision, which was subsequently posted in TSS #13. What I'm putting up here will be older versions of the article, in HTML, Word 2000, and Rich Text formats. While I will be including Version 3.0, the 3.1 version that appeared in TSS #13 will not be put up on this site for a while. You'll have to check out Adam's excellent online magazine for that version.

Version 1.0

Written in April 1990. Written with just the First Edition core rules in mind, and doesn't feature any sourcebook material, since there wasn't any at the time.

Version 2.1

Revised to this form in March 1998. Takes the Shadowrun Companion into account, as well as the Street Samurai Catalog, Shadowtech, and Cybertechnology sourcebooks.

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