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17 April 2010

One of these days....

Honestly, I do plan to do something here one of these days. My interest in Shadowrun has been revitalized of late, mostly by interest in "The Infected" from Running Wild, and in many ways I'm finding myself kind of glad to be back.

I have put a copy of the wonderful Shadowrun 3rd Edition character generator NSRCG up on the site, since it's a little hard to find sometimes.

And look!! There's also a new piece of fiction, "Meet the New Boss," by myself and the estimable Elissa Carey. It was a piece we worked on back in the day for Year of the Comet, and when that didn't work out we tried to get it up as web fiction for that book. We just really wanted it out there. Anyway, it vanished for a while, but recent events have caused me to dig it up, get authorial permission from Elissa, and make a handy PDF out of it. Enjoy!

Also available by permission of the publisher: The Shadowrun Supplemental will be making this one of its new summer homes-away-from home. Adam Jury agreed to let me host a mirror of all the TSS issues, so that will be going up soon. In the meantime, here's a link to my article The Good Fight. More to come soon.

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